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In cupping therapy, cups are placed on specific points of the body and suction is applied, drawing the skin and superficial muscles into the cup. This loosens the fascia and increases blood flow to the surface.

Tissues release toxins, the lymphatic system is activated, muscles loosen and blood flow is enhanced. Stagnation is removed and the meridians are opened so qi can move freely.

Cupping therapy creates bruise-like marks that can vary from light pink to dark purple coloured. The colour of the marks indicates the level of stagnation in that area. These marks will fade within a few days to a couple of weeks.

You may also feel very tired for the day following your health therapy.

Cupping is an excellent treatement for:

  • Back pain

  • Neck and shoulder pain

  • Muscle strain, stiffness or tightness

  • Common cold, flu, cough

  • Headache and migraine


Gua sha therapy uses a gua sha tool to scrape along areas of the body, creating a red bruise-like appearance. This is the toxic fluid flooding to the surface. Like cupping, the colour of the sha indicates the level of stagnation.

This therapy is great for treating pain. It relieves tension and tightness, promotes blood circulation, dispels toxin, releases blockages in the meridians and flow of qi and dissipates blood stasis.

Gua sha scraping effectively treats:

  • Pain and muscle tightness


Massage therapy focusing on specific acupoints of the body is a highly effective health therapy for many conditions.

Acupoints are found along the meridian channels of the body. The qi that runs along these channels can become blocked, causing illness and pain.

All these health therapy help balance Yin and Yang, or the negative and positive, and facilitate the flow of 'Qi' (Chinese for life force) in the body. Restoring this balance helps maintain the body's natural resistances.